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Seeking merit, excellence and intelligence (MEI).

Expert software architect, design, and development skills. Full software development cycle proficiency from requirements definition/analysis to automated testing to documentation. Demonstrated ability to recruit and manage software development teams using agile framework. Proven capacity to work remotely or telecommute.

We understand air, ship, and ground weapon systems. We understand the systems, processors, operating systems, and interfaces used. We understand data link, support system, and situation display applications. We understand image and elevation databases available to build situation displays. There is no technology learning curve. Our people can jump in and be immediately productive.


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Embedded Real Time Software

Real time computing refers to hardware and software systems that are subject to real-time constraints. The real time system must meet operational deadlines regardless of the system load. The software embedded in the real time system is usually designed to the underlying processor, operating system, interfaces, and source language. Historically, this has made embedded software very non-portable.

Trisectrix has developed design patterns for real time embedded software that encapsulate common, accepted, and proven combination of language features. Combined with coding standards, the design patterns:

  • Speed up software development
  • Make the software portable across processor ENDIAN, operating system, and development environments
  • Make the software easy to understand and maintain
  • Our Knowledge

    Reverse Engineering

    • X.25
    • Discretes
    • MIL-STD-1553B
    • RS-232/422 Serial

    Embedded Software

    • Intel/PowerPC/SPARC/Arm
    • c/c++
    • Multi-Threaded
    • TCP/UDP/IP/Sockets


    • MSVC/Android Studio/Qt Creator
    • Windows/Linux/Solaris/Android
    • GUI Design/Qt/MFC
    • c/c++/JavaScript

    Link-16 Integration

    • MIDS LVT2/11 (BU1, BU2)
    • STT, BATS-D
    • TTR
    • JTIDS (Navy Air/Ship, F-15, E-3)

    GPS Integration

    • NMEA 0183
    • ICD-GPS-153
    • Ethernet
    • Serial


    • Design and Management
    • Intrusion Monitoring
    • Firewalls/Routers
    • VPN

    Automated Testing

    • Squish
    • Rational Functional Tester
    • Design Test Procedures
    • Develop Scripts

    We deliver solutions.

    We understand the process to design, develop, deliver, and support complex applications. We realize you, our clients, require experienced teams to develop these applications. Give us your requirements. Our rapid application development process delivers solutions while you concentrate on your core business.

    Trisectrix, LLC was awarded GSA schedule 70 (Information Technology) contract GS-35F-276AA in March 2013. Click here or the GSA Advantage link below to see the Trisectrix GSA price lists.