We understand air, ship, and ground weapon systems. We understand the systems, processors, operating systems, and interfaces used. We understand data link, support system, and situation display applications. We understand image and elevation databases available to build situation displays. There is no technology learning curve. Our people can jump in and be immediately productive.


Give us a call. We’ll come in and help you evaluate your situation. We can assess—and help you improve—your application requirements. You can then choose to use all of our services—or you can take just the ones you feel you need. We can provide these services on a strictly outsourced basis, or, if you prefer, we can assign a dedicated, fulltime Trisectrix team to your application development alone. Our approach is collaborative, performance-based—and customized. It’s geared to your business and your needs—but it’s built upon a process we know will bring results.


The result of engaging us is more than just eliminating the need to hire and manage a software development staff. It's more than not worrying if the requirements are clearly defined. It's more than the ease of mind that comes with incremental deliveries for evaluation. It’s the combination of all those things that translate into successful planning and execution of your business while we handle your software development.